The Everlasting Sacrifice, Kairi's Poem

A poem that Kairi might have written herself through her struggles that she must endure within The Everlasting Sacrifice. A beautiful poem about sacrifice, love and courage.

A constant, everlasting flow of battle
Between light and darkness
Pain, despair and sadness

These are a few of the things I have to live with everyday
For an eternity, it will everlast me
Bound to my soul, and deep within my mind

I strive to protect those not already suffering under my curse
But I grow weak, unable to fight any longer
Until I can no longer battle, will I too, fall

Why must I suffer this curse of mine?
Can I not take it's sacrifices alone?
I see no reason, for there are none remaining

When the day comes that I am to choose between loosing myself, or him
I will most definitely and unquestionably 
Pick myself

                                                     - Kairi Strive 

The End

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