The Eternal Pain

To feel the pain of a trapped mind,

To rap the bars of an enclosed soul,

To search the hole of a broken heart,

An eternal pain it is. 

A word can hurt; insults sting.

Nothing does more than those unseen.

The damage unknown, not fixed, kept alive.

The pain remaining, bleeding, and scarring. 

What have I done wrong? What mistake have I made?

Have you some grudge against me unknown?

What is that I am, you hate to your heart?

So much that your trust does not come to me? 

Your words hurt me, like an arrow to heart.

You’ll never know how hurt I am.

You’ll think I’m selfish, weak and dumb.

You won’t ever know what I truly feel. 

A life of mis-communication,

So many things gone wrong.

I don’t how to express my words,

In person I feel suppressed. 

You say that I can speak my mind,

But never have you told me,

What terrible consequences that might come,

And I still don’t know them yet. 

Do you think I can overcome the fear?

I fear that I cannot.

Will you give me the courage I need?

I wish that you could. 

The pain of misunderstanding,

Is a pain hard to fix.

And even as it heals,

A scar remains in place.

The End

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