I am the link with the dead and the living,

I am the blink that makes no moving,

I am your eye that is sprightly thriving,

I am your cry which in world is my saving-

For when I pass away, I leave no craving,

Yet when I stay alive, I feel no relieving,

I am perceiving, I am receiving,

I am believing, I am grieving,

For I am “You”, the very “You”-

For we are one, at the same time, we are two!


You cannot touch me, nor see me,

You cannot catch me, nor hear me-

Like any other person you mostly see,

For out of your breathe I spring up free,

Deep in your thought, I branch like a tree,

In your ecstasy, I rove carefree,

Never to dissent, nor agree,

When you flood in tears, I am the sea,

For I am that spirit, that never parts from you,

Nor can you leave me, when your body may do!


Now, do you see me with your vision high?

Now, do you feel me since I am so nigh?

Deep in your bosom I dwell supreme

Wishfully nurturing your longing dream.

Yet, when you die

I heave no sigh,

I never part from you, but carry your intense zeal

To be born again and arouse the same feel-

Yet in a different being “I” throb to begin

To remain alive deep in the soul within.

The End

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