"The Ending Year."

Send me Demons of Light,

And Angles of Night.

Killers of Day,

Saviors to Pay.

Being of Night,

Being of Might.

Creature of Day,

Creature who shall Slay.

Place me in  the 

Front Line of the Battle.

Just don't let me fall.

Fight next to me,

Not in front or behind me.

Catch me before I fall,

And I'll be there to catch you.

Night is coming fast,

And the Moon shall

Rule the Land.

Day is ending,

The Sun shall

Die at His Hand.

The Broken Day of

Life is coming.

And the World

shall become Unbound.

Angels will turn into Demons,

And Demons will turn into Angels.


The End of Days is here,

The Broken Day is near.

Who shall be the Salvation?

Who will be the Doom?

The Stars shall fall

And the Seas shall rise.

The King shall sleep,

While the Serpent shall rule.

Two halves of the Scale,

Which of us shall Fail?

Light shall not rule,

Nor shall the Night.

No Day, No Dawn shall be seen,

Until that of the Mean.

Two Opposites must become One,

To save the dying race.

Or the Darkness shall rule us all,

With a terrifying gall.

The End of Days is here,

The Broke Day is near.

Who shall be the Sacrifice?

Who will be the Prey?

Slayers of the Day,

Heroes of the Night.

Guardians long forgotten,

Risen from their Tombs of Earth.

Warriors of the Air,

Ride together in a Pair.

Soldiers of the Fire,

None to Conspire.

Healers of the Water,

In the name of the Father.

Mages of the Spirit,

All shall know their Secret.

The Brothers Three shall

face against the Sinister Three.

The Four Horsemen of Life

shall fight those of Death.

Twelve to Council the Dead.

Eighteen to bring forth the End.

And island long sunk,

Now afloat,

Shall be the New Land

To those that survived.

Light unto Night,

And Dark into Day.

Who of you is the

One who shall Slay?

The One who has to Pay?

The Ending Year is close at Hand,

Be there to welcome the Summer Land. 

The End

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