New life.

They doubted her daughter.

She'd done things for attention before.

This couldn't be real.

This reality is no more.

They must be dreaming.

This must be a mistake.

Life used to be easy.

Life was a piece of cake.

But life isn't always happy.

Life isn't always like a story book.

They quit looking for answers.

And gave life a new look.

Her father quit his job.

Stumbled through the rest of his depressing life.

Her brother, a changed man.

Had a baby and a wife.

He became a rape counselor.

To help others like his sister.

Her mother couldn't take it.

Found a new town, new life, new mister.

Now "He" suffered most of all.

The guilt was just to much.

He ruined 4 lives.

Due to his teenage lust.

He turned to pills and bottles,

to end his searing pain.

He left that sleepy town.

Never to be seen again.

The End

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