So as they tossed and turned, unable to fall into sleep
Her parents began to ponder the clue
But uttered not a peep

They were too scared of what they might find
If they searched, what would pop up?
These thoughts cropped up their mind

But they had to find out what else she had hidden
For there may be more clues
Or at least some tiny smidgen 

They couldn't sleep with their little girl dead
It was an awful reality 
That they couldn't get through their head

It's an impossible thought to lose your kid
And it's things like that especially
That make you wonder what you did

Could they have helped her, if they knew?
But what would they have done?
But since that's all ancient history, they can't have a clue

And nothing they do now will make a change
Their daughter was still going to be dead
And that itself was very strange

Who was this rapist that stole her youth?
They would find him, without a doubt,
And get hold of the truth. 

The End

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