Then all went dark.

Her body is finally as dead,

as her soul has always felt.

No more thoughts run through her head.

The funeral was tough,

as almost all are, filled with gloom.

Her sorrowful mother runs home.

She bursts in her late daughters room.

She finds it, laying there.

How had she missed it before?

She can't believe her eyes.

There's a quiet knock at the door.

Her brother reads the note.

Silent with disbelief.

His father comes in,

Sighing with relief.

He reads the note aloud.

His mind floating amongst the clouds.

Daniel Webster once said,

“There is no refuge from confession

but suicide; and suicide is a confession.”

Well, here is my confession. He raped me.

No need for explanation. I'm gone now.

The secrets safe. I hope you forgive me.

I love you.

They freeze.

How could they have been so blind?

Who the Hell was HE?

Did their daughter show a sign?

They sit there for hours.

They fall into an uneasy sleep.

Dreaming about their lost girl.

Wishing time could take a backwards leap.

The End

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