She thought death was simple, painless.

Boy, she was oh so wrong.

She kept thinking.

I must be dead by now.

Maybe this is death?

Does it never end?

Did she give up her could-be-happy future for this eternal nothing-ness?

As she asks herself, What did I do?

The answer hits her hard.

This is my karma.

This is what God punishes me with.

This perpetual blackness.

Left alone with my dark, demented thoughts.

Her light bulb goes on like all cliche  cartoons.

She was the monster she was trying to escape.

Not the bullies. Not those so-called-friends.

She wanted to be free from her own thoughts.

Oh the irony, the exact thing she was trying to escape.

Now saddled with her for the rest of her life. 

Wait, is this life?

What is this?

What is she?

How does she end death?

She was out of answers.

She was confused.

But most of all, she was mistaken.

The End

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