Comforting like a boyfriend's arms
She snuggles deeper into the darkness
It wraps itself around her like a warm blanket
And breathes its icy breath along her neck
She feels nothing except for the peaceful smile
That dances across her lips
She sees nothing except for the peaceful blackness
That dances behind her eyes
She smells nothing except for the peaceful dirt
That dances around her body
She tastes nothing except for that touch of remorse
For the world she left behind
But then, what's that?
She hears...sobbing, oh broken-hearted sobbing
Her mother is calling to her, begging...begging her baby to please come back
But she's gone too far
She's in the deepest of sleeps
That no storm or scream or emergency could ever awaken her from
The blanket strengthens tighter around her, purring to her
As it wills her to stay with it
It reminds her of how comfortable she is...
And she obliges with that peaceful smile...

The End

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