Am I A Fake?

She glares at her reflection, shaking with rage
She wants to experiment with herself
But her parents have locked her in a cage

(When will they let me...)

They don't understand, or maybe they just don't care
Maybe, if she uses those scissors...
And just like that, she snips off her hair

(Why don't they let me...) 

She's a teen, hating her stupid, boring life
It's too difficult
And causes too much strife

(When will I be let out...)

So she considers dying, to escape the pain
And wonders if they'll care
She wants to die, to end her strain

(Why don't I matter...) 

But then she slumps forwards, sobbing out loud
Heard by her mother, who runs up the stairs
And with a hug, she's sent away the dark cloud

(It's all over...)

And just like that, her pain is gone
She thinks of her parents, how they really love her
But she will only remember that until the turning of dawn...

(I hate you...)

The End

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