The End Is Here

  • On the cliff edge I stand,
  • Staring into your eyes as I tightly hold your hand.
  • Look at this beautiful view,
  • Although it doesn't compare to you.


  • You have so much inner beauty,
  • A strange passion for Call Of Duty.
  • You will forever be,
  • So very close to me.


  • There's nothing you can do,
  • When you don't have a clue.
  • You don't know my plan,
  • It's only just began.


  • Oh my female friend,
  • You truly are a god send.
  • You heard my every cry,
  • Now it's time to say goodbye.


  • You were the last to see me brave,
  • Don't go follow me to the grave.
  • For me, stay real strong,
  • And live long to prove me wrong.


  • I give you a kiss and a hug,
  • Your ponytail a final tug.
  • Run and jump off the edge,
  • And hope there's no ledge.
The End

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