The Empire City

It's a found poem about New York City. The words and phrases in this poem were brought to me through the voice of another person's writing. I managed to twist them into something different though. Something beautiful, at least to me.

The Empire City

She is a wondrous thing

Provoking the mind to come in

And take part in this vibrant parade of life

Welcoming the impoverished

Who sailed into her beautiful harbor

She caresses the lives of all who inhabit her

With her skyscrapers, glaring lights

A frenzied place

A city of jostling crowds

An island of the strange, the nuerotic, and the avant-garde

She is a song that has yet to be sung

A world of different languages

The beats of horn-honking traffic jams

The melody of a metropolis

Too beautiful to be put into words

She is made of little wonders

Dissimilar patches of distinctive splendor

She is a magnet

Attracting all who crave opportunity and greatness

Exciting them

The End

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