The Elysian Plains

White clouds of sentinel prowess gather
In your phase they swell with black rain
I may be scattered among my sickness
But I’m not vain enough to watch you disintegrate

I’ll send you a helping hand to lift you up
Wipe away that frown, just be here today
Remind me that I am the one to be ordained
with happy pills, with your smile

The Elysian Plains are empty this time of year
So discard that sadness dear
The Elysian Plains are forgotten this time of year
Yet somehow, we are still here
Still alive

  Lean out the window and catch that soft breeze
  Prove I am not pessimistic, even when I deny it
  You don’t deserve their unfortunate glare
  Their bleak outlook will swallow them whole

Burn the flame deep inside, I was in awe
How you always made good out of hopeless situations
There’s no easy answer for your adversary
Just the drive to pass it by

The End

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