The Elevator

Inspired and based on true event.
Of chance encounters and friendships that never began.

in the oddest of moments,
weirdest of times,
You come across my mind,
and the corners of my lips
upturn in the faintest of
a bittersweet smile -
from a memory
so fond,
So tender,
but not one of past lovers,
and a bit shy of friends.

However it may be,
I do wish you well,
wherever you are,
in all earnestness,
that life keeps you kind.

We reached this unspoken agreement,
that kept us strangers without names,
yet acquainted enough,
to have learnt of where we each lived,
and to shield each other from the rain.

It became tradition,
or maybe competition,
for whoever was first
to enter the lift,
would press the floor
for the other’s apartment,
and turn to offer a voiceless smile
-or a smirk-
in triumph or in greeting,
then stay in knowing silence till
one of us steps off.

On the rare occasion
that we met,
outside of an elevator,
on the cruel streets and
unforgiving rain,
the umbrella of one
would find its way over
the head of the other,
unfortunate or fortunate one.
And we then continue on,
with our wordless conversation
of gratitude nods
and welcoming smiles till
one of us leaves.

It had became quite a routine
that grew comfortably in our lives,
and I wonder now
if either of us had
considered back then,
that this would not last.
Forgive us,
for we were both young,
the future never further
and changes beyond our grasp.
Did life ferry me away first,
Or she?

Our goodbyes
-if there was one-
was unceremonious,
and came in the form of
a delayed mourning,
when we slowly realized
the missing of
and someone,
from the elevator.
And a slight sting of hollowness
lingers at heart till
one of us gives in.

I remember you,
till this day,
a face without a name,
a friendship that never began.
And I chastise my foolishness
over the matter
and wonder briefly -
Would you do so as well?

There are methods,
of course,
to give you an identity.
But it feels too much like cheating,
and trespassing of that
silence we shared
which meant so much more
than words and a name.
And thus,
I leave you nameless,
voiceless and
and hope that life treats you well,
wherever you are.

The End

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