The Element of Love

Deny me love that burns like fire
A lover’s enflamed passion,
A hot rush of desire throughout –
Leave this love for the young and foolish.

This fiery passion may excite the senses,
Send the mind into a whirl spin,
But this love smolders and burns
And consumes the flesh of those who entice it.

And I am like water, fluid and free
A tempest in the winds, blown askew
The flames of love would either dry my passions
Or be extinguished by the fury of my being.

Instead, give me love like earth
Strong and stable
One capable of guiding me on my winding path
Allowing me to embed myself into, safely protecting.

One that lets me run wild and free
A raging rapid crashing against the rocks
One that knows that I will always settle back
Into the soothing creek resting in its arms.

A love that holds strong
As the storm takes hold and unleashes its fury
But love holds its ground against the wrath of the Gods
And cradles the tears afterwards.

But this love does not lie stagnant in caves alone
It is full of its own strength and power
It carries the ability to shake me to the core
Make my heart change directions like the Mississippi.

The End

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