The Egyptian Eyed Monster

The Egyptian eyed monster lives inside my head,
The only time he comes around is when I'm lying in my bed.
And everytime he sees me,
He always wants me dead.
The first dream he intruded upon was in my sanctuary,
The lake in the woods,
Which isn't all that scary.
I was sitting on a bench and drawing when my paper grew dark without warning.
I heard a voice ask if they could join me,
I turned around and saw him,
The Egyptian eyed monster.
He looks like a biker with long silver hair,
And has tattoos almost everywhere.
His right eyes is gold,
His left clear turquoise.
His voice never stays the same, always changing.
When I first saw the Egyptian eyed monster,
I knew he wished me harm.
When I turned around,
He reached out and grabbed my arm.
The Egyptian eyed monster was getting rather mad,
Mainly because I told him no (my thinking sure was bad!)
The Egyptian eyed monster opened his jaw very wide,
Almost as if he wanted to fit me inside.
Instead of teeth the monster had rather large fangs,
Thicker, sharper, and more deadly than the knives used in gangs.
His eyes seemed to catch fire,
My veins filled with fear,
For I thought that my end must surely be near.
I hit the monster and ran,
Knowing he'd give pursuit,
With me hoping I woudn't trip in my new boots.
Knashing teeth and slavering maw,
It was my end I now foresaw.
Up until the treeline did break,
Bringing me a glimpse of my escape.
Faster I did run
Out into the sun,
To escape this fearsome monster,
Yet some part of me knew the fight had just begun.
The monster couldn't follow me past the waving trees,
Relieved and exhausted, I fell down to my knees.
The monster's many voices carried out to me,
For the Egyptian eyed monster will always be there.
You can never escape,
For I am always watching.
I will always plague you,
Without ever stopping.
So say good-bye to everything you used to know,
Because now it is all mine.
But when you're ready to cut a deal with me,
You'll come back and find
That your body is what I want,
Your form is what I crave.
You will always want me,
No matter how brave."
So beware the Egyptian eyed monster,
That insane, lusty beast,
For he will always appear when and where you expect him least.
Be careful where your dreams take you,
And be always on your guard,
For the Egyptian eyed monster is very cunning,
Very clever,
Very witty,
And is always on the lookout for unsuspecting prey.
So beware the Egyptian eyed monster,
His next victim could very well be you.

The End

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