The Edge of Time

I wrote this for a love lost that I will never know again. But perhaps it is not so sad as long as you hold the memory close to your heart.

Playing for time

Waiting forever

Though useless it seems

This stone cold endeavor

You look for the truth

You claim it's a lie

Your words fall on me

They rupture my sky

As the rain gently falls

It washes me away

There's little left to do

So much left to say

I'll be the ghost in your memory

The hero who tried though reluctantly

You'll be the queen of nevermore

As I flounder in the sea to reach the shore

You look in my eyes

But you can't see the child

So alone and afraid

His feelings defiled

As innocence dies

Its death I embrace

You never will know

What time can't replace

Here we stand on the edge of time

The inkblot stains and dissolves the rhyme

The poet chews the pen in agony

The stains on his heart never set him free

The End

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