The Edge of the Rising Sun

Unfocused rays, hanging on the borders
of a sharpened world,
Infiltrate the endless,
Star-pricked darkness;
Filtered warmth, hope.
Warmth that splits the night
Shatters the universe's cloaked disguise
with the cracks of glowing dawn,
Turns black to golden.
Hope, melts away night's demons,
Burns away tears, fears,
Tears apart the deathly silence.
Sunlight soothes the nightmare
Like a touch of love to a
broken heart,
Takes fury in its arms,
Makes it calm.
Worship, adore its flaming power,
Sit on the edge of existence
To wait for its magnificent
Lie in the twilight,
Bathe your sins in a pool of orange
And wait for today,
On the edge of
    the rising sun.

The End

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