The EarthMature

Why can't I be free ?

Flying in a straight line. 

No fake eyelashes and make up 

No cash points and train tickets

Just me, going anywhere I want to go 

No letters to open and people to please

Trees and Seas and no one to apease

As I spoke we listened to John asking if the world could  let it be. 

Hey can you remember that time we

remember that time we were pissed up 

and you asked me if I'd be happier as a flea

Because life gets me a bit fucked up 

And I asked you, after I kissed you hard

Ever wished you were a song bird?

Pros are no tears and no words. 

In the Winter, so I've heard

they get hungry. A con. 

But they don't fall in love

that's a bonus, maybe I'm wrong

Maybe they want granola, 

in perfect pastel bowls for breakfast

An ISSA and a mortgage

Food ready waiting for them from any land in fridges

No risk of flying into a patio door

More rest, longer lives

Sour cream and chive Pringles. 

Protected from the elements.

That's what might be said in a nest 

But what I meant was this:

Let me out of this comfortable trap 

we created to keep us from the earth. 

Centuries of evil from birth 

Led us to this world

where no one is free anymore. 



The End

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