The Dying Man

A man who is on the last few moments of life. But he will not die until he's seen his true love. I am not usually romantic, so this was quite a spontaneous idea I had.

His bones were down the home

Straight when he was twenty,

And they began to stiffen twenty

Years after that.

He kept going, though, until they

Stopped holding him at eighty.

His muscles having given up,

So long before, and now he stopped moving.

He lost control of his bladder,

And his kidneys have up soon after.

By the time he was in hospital

His liver was dead,

From too many good nights out.

And he was soon brain-dead.

But nothing

Would stop

His heart.

Until he saw

His love.

One last

Good bye,

And one

More cry.

The doc,

Did not

Get it.

He was

Too weak

To open

His eyes.

But his

Heart kept


With no



He saw

Her face,


She touched his hand.

His eyes opened.

Three more words.

And he fell into the abyss of death


Copyright: Liz Veronika Turner

The End

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