The Daily Dying

wrote this this morning as i was rushing to get ready for school.....
my muse is a humorless one ._.

We are all dying-

our bodies wondering in various states of decay.

Bit by bit, we are all dying.

Each breath brings us all that much closer to our last.

Some nights, we're so near to the close

that our muscles snap and our bones groan.

Some nights, we're so close,

the Light glows behind our eyelids like the sheen of a plasma screen,

and our Lives play like a film in the back of our minds.

We are all dying.

Our hearts slowly ceasing their song as the death toll rings-

our voices have begun to wither,

like snowmen at the end of winter.

We are all dying,fading out without a stifled sound,

our fight is almost nonexistent-

We give up so easily,accepting our fate.

Each step dragging us just that much closer to their fabled Judgement Day.

We are all dying, piece by piece our flesh turns to dirt and dust,

We turn back to our origins,

to where our lives begun,

we are all equally dead inside.....

The End

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