"The Duet of the Loonies" - Elorithryn's Birthday Present

As the title suggests, this was my Birthday present for my good buddy and partner in madness Elorithryn. Enjoy!


Elo: I am a writing momma,
Who likes to giggle ‘n’ grin.
I open up the netbook and
The madness shall begin!

Spook: And I’m a scribblin’ loonie,
My sanity’s in doubt.
I start the fires and burn the towns,
... “It’s all the villain’s fault!”

Both: From Vervell and from Skatha,
And worlds far out in space,
They chat, laugh and comiserate,
Regardless of their race.

We’ve heroes who are valiant,
And nasty villains too!
And who forgets the ghosts that like
To cover them in goo!

Elo: It started on a Bus ride,
So very long ago.
Our charries met and fell in love,
Oh how I miss it so!

Spook: Our lovers found their voices,
T’express their lovesick pain.
And then the Phoenix pair did greet
A feller in the rain.

Both: A partnership was started,
We’re still pals to the day.
Two writers whose creations have,
An awful lot to say!

There’ve been text-based adventures,
- And mishaps, quite a lot.
And now they’re even plotting to
Invade each other’s plots!


Elo: I’ve Rachael on her starship,
And Lori and her boys.
Wholawski got some presents too,
- Squashed veggies, oh the joys!

Spook: I’ve got some battered heroes,
Whose lives are really hard.
And Sabby, that old grumpy guts,
... And let’s not mention Shard.

Both: Clanging pipes and swearing,
And threats to plotting foes.
There’s frying pans and balled up fists
And lots of bruis-ed toes.

This is our dual madness –
Insanity times two!
Of randomness and awesomesauce
It’s Elorie and Spook!

The End

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