The Drum Beat's Cry.

trying something new :)

The cobblestones that leaked hot, wet

down empty, narrow streets

Listen to the drum cry, for

baby beating rocks to fall.


Bang, Bang, Bang, sounds the shotgun,

twisting knife words into the air, like

bullets into kittens.

Meowing with eyes as cold and shiny as

Hard diamonds or beads of sweat, lying

motionless on the street.

Cobblestones bowed, their rough rock

heads aching to feel that foot upon them, to crush. 


The drum cry danced as feet, weaving

toxic music into clean fresh fruit, turning

their stones to dust and drinking

their permeable skins sour.


In the iridescent street lamps  gaze, 

It lifted its angel head of hair, the

drum beat, saw a rock as a pearl upon

the earth and stared at it as it lay there.


It was not clean, but defiantly innocent 

It reached as a baby's hand does

The drum beat cried and marched, towards

the lichen on which it rested, as a still and waiting dove.


Its jaw collapsed, when it tried to engulf 

baby beating rock, fell in two.

The drum beat shot, bang, bang, bang

to make those who saw, fall.

As jewels do lie, as plastic lungs 

on streets, lit with halogen halo's 

The drum beat cries out in a incubus voice

lazy and beautiful, for us stones to join him.

The End

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