The Drop

I wish I could take it all away -

The confusion, the fear and the pain.

If only I had an umbrella so wide

That it could shield you from this rain.

Though we may not have shared many words, I swear

Your smile always brightened the room.

Now it hurts me to think that your big bright eyes

Have been sentenced to inevitable gloom.

It is not my place to say anything

Like "I know just how you feel",

But the hurt that I have for your life-changing loss

Is nothing short of real.

Bleed into me, let me feel it instead,

Just add it to my pile.

Some tablets, some tears, and a cup of tea

And I'm back on my feet for a while.

My trip through the tunnel is nearing its end -

Or, at least, its next pit stop.

I have trained my feet to brace for the ground -

While you, dear, still wait for the drop.

The End

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