The Dream

A dream that I frequently have. The poem embodies it about as well as I drew it. Maybe not as straight-laced as a poem should be, but I've never been a straight-laced poet. I hope you all like it or at least understand it.

Feeling the light crawl through my skin
I know I feel nothing
And yet, I feel everything
Waiting, listening, open my eyes

My place, my love, my Sanctuary
My perfect Asylum
My beautiful Elysium
Everything to me

The branches of the crystal willow shift slowly
Midnight breeze
The star-flowers in the meadow
By the gaping desert
It's everything to me

And now I see
All I see

My palace, my sleep
Under a deep, red moon
My anchored heart
Never escape
Never leave

Black hair, soft eyes, he's everything to me
Radiant and beautiful
A prince, an angel, and guardian for me
He's everything
And yet he's nothing

Deep sky raining stardust
lighting up the planet
Mountains in the distance sing
Everything is calm here

My dream

The End

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