The DreamMature

A dream I had, edited slightly for poetic purpose.

I held my breath,

Then  took your hand,

And pulled you to my chest. 

I wrapped my arms around you,

Yours tightly hugged my waist,

We stumbled back a couple steps,

Until against the wall my back was pressed.

Chuckling, we unwrapped arms

Looked fondly at each other,

Your eyes flicked to my lips,

But returned to my eyes quickly. 

"Come home with me,"

You whispered softly,

Not daring yet to kiss. 

"I can't," I murmured,

Afraid of what it meant,

For in the past I'd wished for this,

But never had my wish been met. 

Mind reader that you are,

You read my fears and said,

"Come home with me; I love you,"

What I'd always wished to hear. 

I reached up and stroked your face,

And smiled and bit my lip

"Alright," said I in nervous joy,

And glanced down at your lips. 

They smiled at me,

Were caught in your teeth,

And then you reached them close to me,

And delivered me my kiss. 

The wall had to support us,

As I pulled you close to me,

Lifted you by your waist,

So you wrapped your legs around me.

We staggered over to the side,

I sat you down mid kiss,

And just as I reached for your top,

I woke, and you vanished. 

The End

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