The Dream

A dream/nightmare I had the other night.

My eyes close and wonder

suddenly the outside cold turns to summer

Above all, my best friend was outside

behind with my family inside my house.

I go out to put gas in the car, an old lady runs out

I look at her eyes, the holes turn black

I was scared but to afraid to turn back

I walk in and the clerk was throwing crap

But all I did was pull a trigger

and the life left his body

while the bullet entered his back.

I put him in the bathroom and shut the door

I walk into a hotel to see four cakes 

with my bestfriend laughing on the floor.

My Dad walks into the bathroom and i remembered the dead body

I throw a grenade into the bathroom and it blows up the lobby.

Then at all cost, I create a line I crossed creating a holocaust.

killing and spilling blood my eyes turned from soft

to cold blooded.

I was scared. But it wasn't till I woke up in a cold sweat

That I finally realized it was just a dream, all was not lost.

The End

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