Down at the lake


The moon, reflected in the lake

Was bright and wide and gleaming

The barman hid, and all at once

Somebody started screaming.


''The moon is in there, can't you see?

It's fallen from the heavens!

We'd better get the red fire truck.

And call for fireman Evans.''


The silly mob concurred with this -

(I told you they were dim.)

And straight away despatched a boy

Whose given name was Tim,


To run at once to Evans' house

And bring him to the water.

But halfway there, our Tim just chanced

To meet the barman's daughter.


''Oh, Tim, dear Tim, I am afraid

I cannot find my father.

I looked and searched most everywhere

And now I'm in a lather!''


Now, Tim had always held a torch

For Laura, so he tarried,

He'd always hoped the day would come

When he and she'd be married.


''I cannot halt for I am on

An errand most exciting

For I must fetch the fireman here,

Yes - Evans I'm inviting.


But when he has retrieved the moon

And to the sky restored it

I'll come again to help you out

With your paternal audit.''


So off he went and Laura gaped:

The boy was clearly crazy,

For when she looked up to the sky

The moon was there, though hazy.

The End

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