The Dodgy Barman Meets a Sticky End

The Coachman's daughter Laura

sometimes wondered why

when they had six for dinner,

they'd serve one slice of pie.


The ale it's going for a song

the barman always lied,

It wasn't everyday his customers

had a chaser on the side.


At table two the Brannigans

Where getting a little riled,

when a twig snapped underfoot,

they heard the call of the wild.


The group of six on table four

stared at their empty plate.

One slice of pie was all they'd had,

they were getting a little irate.


We'll get our revenge in the morning

the customers all agreed.

We'll gather here at half past six,

and then we'll do the deed.


The coachman's daughter Laura,

she can't save him now.

Though she's a brawny barmaid,

and can easily pull a plough.


You fetch the spade and shovel.

I'll knock him on the head.

And then with any luck,

he will be stone dead.


We'll teach him why he must not lie,

and why he must behave.

And dandelions and daisies,

will grow upon his grave.

The End

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