The Divine

It's about how people can be narrow minded and refuse to acknowledge any versions of the world other than the one they have had drilled into their heads

You preach toxic versions of the truth

And condemn the others to fire and blood

You fail to see the smoke and mirrors in the fires of hell

When the flipside preach the claim to the truth as well

Crusades or rebellion in one form, morphed over by the tides of time

Transformed into gospel, subjected to mortals feelings deep inside

I weep for the wars, the poisoning of the water for two halves of the same god

Heads of the dragon, each oblivious to the other's existence

Young minds in the hold of visions of elder statesmen

Fighting for some deluded vision, dying to defend them

The blood spilled, and the spread of a dark malice

All down to the work of someone unseen

The puppet strings pulled and the promised land drowned in blood

By-product of a distant masters dream

Proclaiming the glory of one or many

Because all others are unclean, worthy of death and fire

The threads of history intertwin and cut by the teeth of battle

Because the whole is greater than its sum

We live merely as slaves to something higher

Somewhere the truth lies, but not in one but many

Though many refuse to recognise that which lays before them

Refuse to acknowledge that which shocks and paralyses

Scripture edited and stripped as a weapon, the world denied

The shackles of oppressors and the words of emperors

Carry the souls of millions to salvation or death

The wave of spiritual kings, decked in defiance and seduced by glory

Can shatter or repair the world, can break and bend the will of many

The End

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