The Distant Bear and Me

"the sadness of loneliness"

He stands alone in the river shallows,

the solitary fisherman at his work, relentlessly,

seeking one more fish of life, he then lifts his mighty head,

he hears me, he peers at me,

he cautions me, "Come, no nearer,"

it is our peace, the distant bear and me.


This watery acre belongs to him and him alone,

no trespass must be endured, this is his place,

those who dare disagree, those who dare claim the rights,

those others, all those others,

who dare tread too close to me,

do not challenge me, grant me this fearful grace.


The distant bear and me, we know each other,

he in all his power, me in all my fear,

we are quite the same, we have our growl,

we have our apprehension,

we have our little worlds,

we both give our pleading gaze, "Come no near."




The End

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