The Difference In Our Eyes

If you knew me, you would know that even though I don't have to buy something,

I still have a deeper debt.

If you knew me, you would know that no matter how many gifts I recieve,

I still have to pay, if not by pocket by my sanity.

If you knew me, then you would know that even though my goals are met,

I still want to kick, yell, and scream.

If you knew me, then you would know that my reflection can hardly tell you all about me,

I have secrets that are under my skin, sliding, slipping, bleeding into my mind, and heart, all of which you can't seem to see.

But you flaunt my name, as if you could understand my world, my life, or just me.

The words you whisper with my name included,

How could you be so ignorant, so lost, so deluded?

You have scraped the skin of my character, nothing more because that is all I allow you to see.

How could you know?  How could you understand? 

Maybe you just, don't,

Know me.

The End

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