The Diamond In My Chest

Sometimes we all lose our heart thru the hardships in life, and deep down you know you're the only one that can actually find it....

Here's your shovel and there's your pick,

I want to spare you the trouble, but you insist to dig.

This is my chest,

But it's no longer a chest of treasure.

Before you start to dig it apart,

Be sure you have the heart to know me a little bit better.

It holds problems, it holds secrets, and it holds lies,

If you love me enough to find more, then go ahead and try.

Somewhere in the dirt, beneath the pain, the hate, and the hurt,

There's a beautiful diamond waiting to be found,

Tho I know it's lost, I feel it's still around.....

Because I can occasionally wear a real smile on my face,

Because all my good memories are impossible to erase,

And because I can still survive a fight to the end of a bad day.....

Only a few actually know tho,

That my diamond is losing its glow.....

All my emotions are growing numb,

The ambition I used to have, I now have none,

And I can't seem to take pride in anything I do or what I've done.

This diamond is my heart and soul,

And I've lost it somewhere deep inside a hole.

Bless your heart, for your search to save my life,

But amidst all the dirt, there'll be only two things that you'll find....

A rusted shovel and a broken pick,

All that's left from my search to find it.

See, I've been digging too......

But honestly,

If I can't find my own diamond, then neither will you.

My chest used to hold so much more then this,

Pearls, diamonds, and gold,

Inside I was once rich......

But I trusted too much and loved too strong,

I kept my chest open for far too long,

And I finally closed it up before everything I had was gone.

Back-stabbers, cheaters, and fakes took everything they could take,

And poured in the dirt (my regrets and mistakes) in its place.

But under the dirt, I'm thankful for my single diamond lost in the depths,

Because it still saves me from endless days of being depressed.

I'm asking you to just fill in the hole and close my chest.

Step back,

Look at me,

Look past my mess....

And just love me for what little sparkle I have left.

I've already accepted the fact,

That my diamond's been buried too deep for too long,

And I may never get it back....

Here's your shovel and there's your pick,

I wanted to spare you the trouble,

But you insisted to dig.

So now you know the truth,

I don't carry a chest full of treasure,

But thank you,

For having the heart to know me a little bit better..... <3

The End

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