The Devourer Of Tears

About someone who manipulates the weak and broken, using them and then casually tossing them aside like one would a toy that no longer amuses, or the dried up husk of a creature with no nourishment left to give. Someone who feeds on misery, and hides beyond delicate lies until its time to bite.
That someone also happens to be Dr. Thorneburg, a smug, cynical psychiatrist, possessed by an emotion eating presence, whose favorite mental projection/totem animal happens to be a spider.
He wasn't a

Take a step back, slip into my trap
Beg and plead, curse and bleed
You're small and lost, no one sees you
Well, rest your heart, cause I sure do
A diamond in ashes, a flightless angel
You want to escape
I'll make sure you will
Don't you trust me?
You are mine but you don't know it yet
There's no real cure for this malady
That wraps like gauze around your pretty face
Until you can't see where you're going
And stumble to where no one can find you
Shh, I won't let you fall
We'll dance until the walls cave in
There are Masquerade balls in the abyss
Honesty kills, you know
It kills so quickly
Lie to me
And I'll lie to you
Candles fizzing out one by one
The lightest, sweetest gust puts them out
This is what happens when you open your mouth
Too many halls for you to find your way
Out of this hellish day to day
Ground between gears, the minutes passing like years
I'll steal the clock from your room
And devour all your tears
Hopeless, yet enticed by the void
Misery keeps you company
When no one else will
Misery keeps you going
When understanding threatens to spill
I'll cocoon you
All the better to murder your mind with
My dear
Blood sinks to the bottom
Of a doll's chalky body
You're still cold and always will be
Don't you dare blame me
You lied to me and I lied to you
Tell me the truth and I'll give you a clue
Coming to me was the worst mistake
You could ever make
But flies never know any better
And by the time I'm done
You won't remember
No one will bat an eye
Oh, it happens all the time
What a terrible fate
What a hilarious tragedy

The End

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