The Devil's DueMature

Can you see the gates of Hell
Do you hear the ringing bells
I know you can, I can tell
Because your soul you decided to sell

He came to you in one of your dreams
With red eyes that twinkled and gleamed
Inside of him there was evil that teemed
And darkness that burst at the seems

Promises of untold riches were made
The debt you had to pay was paid
You slit your wrist with a crystal blade
And let the blood flow into a cup of jade

And with that, the deal was done
He told you not to tell anyone
The demons of Hell you can't outrun
He has his soul, he had his fun

The promises made were never kept
And since that day you haven't slept
You spent your days alone and wept
About the deal you just had to accept

The gates of Hell are awaiting you
The flames are burning bright for you
The bells are ringing just for you
Because the Devil got his due

The End

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