The Desert of Your Emotions

Kiss me,

So that I might breathe you in,

And forget the mortal coil,

That binds my every memory and thought.

Take me,

By my willing hand,

And lead me far from what I'm used to,

For I'd go anywhere with you.

My love you blind me,

To the world outside of you;

Make it dull and toneless,

Without your smile to brighten shade.

Your every word,

I cling to like a life raft,

As though you were my anchor,

To the brightest things in life.

I spend the days reaching for you,

Spend my nights dreaming of you,

And while we are parted,

Thoughts of you give me strength.

But this life is not habitable,

I cannot live here for years,

With your emotions the desert,

And real life the saving oasis.

I will perish for the love of you,

And bind myself in chains,

While love eats away at me,

Till all that's left is ever yearning bones.

The End

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