the dentist office

My trip to the dentist in Spain, where root canals are only 120 bucks!

The dentist’s office
is a peculiar place.
Their toolboxes
Even stranger.
With wands of ultraviolet light
a hook to suck your spit. 
Tiny mirrors with moving bits
And endless tubes of pastes and glues

I was so curious, in fact.
I had the aching nerve to ask
just exactly
how a root canal was done.
(Which I wouldn't recommend to anyone.)

Now judging from the modern office
with its shiny black tables and chairs,
I suppose I supposed
A "tiranervios"
was some kind of laser,
or a nerve disintegrator,
or maybe high-tech tweezers.
but instead
it was
a box of needles.

The dentist calmly explained to me
they grind the tooth down to the hole.
They insert the needle and wiggle and then
Scrape out a bit and start over again.
And that’s what she did!
She jammed and she jiggled
Destroying and stabbing
Inspecting the pin
Then starting the process all over again.

At times she would say
In an innocent way
"No te duele verdad?"
And though I was numb
And I couldn’t quite see
It felt more like a lobotomy
Carelessly jabbing a part of me. 

There's no going back
to return from the loss.
Next time I know 
I'll remember to floss.


The End

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