And They Sang A Terrible Song


And they sang a terrible song,
Calling the sailors to sing along: 

She’ll listen as you lead a song;

Dance across the sinking rig,

An indigo waltz, a violent jig

With beasts who sing the terrible song,

Jostled amid the terrible throng

And you spin, spin a watery thread

And turn and turn with the watery dead.

Spin, spin, to the terrible song.

Spin and spin, ‘til the water’s gone.


A drowned maid, at your partnered feet,

Swift and nimble; to a watered waltz.

Indigo eyes betray watery faults,

Spinning in a terrible waltz,

Turning to a drowning jig.

Spin, spin, ‘cross burning rig,

A terrible blue polka, a violent waltz.

Spin, spin, on the drowning rig.

Spin, spin, to this terrible jig.

And the dancing beasts sing a terrible song,

Partnered, dancing, in a terrible throng

Dancing to your terrible song.


And while the Demons danced amid the pyre,
They burned a people of sorrow and fire...

The End

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