The Demons' Suite

"A Suite of Terrible Dances" (Terrible in the archaic term; terrible, evil , horrible and horrid, of unspeakable pains and miseries)

...And they found themselves in the narrows of a molten sea.

While the soles of their shoes smoked and grew soft beneath their feet, the sails curled, charred and brittle, and ceased to move the ship despite gales.

Upon the not-so-distant shores they watched as the devils danced, creatures of horrors and death - all the grotesquerie of this world and all others.

On the second day a wail was heard and throughout the hours the monsters and unspeakable beasts joined their voices, and instruments of both familiarity and of alien natures were heard to played on the sands and bluffs.

And the Demons began to dance.

The End

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