The Deception

Written on the 2nd March 2009, finished at 12:10 am It started out as something else and kind of morphed into this poem after the third line. Anyways, hope whoever sees this likes it. And um, this isn't really supposed to be built on, though since I'm still trying to figure this place out, I can't find the button that lets me do that >.< Anyways, hope it makes for a decent read.

Shh... come and follow me
Don't make a sound
For where I take you
There are worse things than being found
Shh... don't make a sound
And follow me along this corner round

Hush.. stay your breath and stay right behind
Don't be afraid
But tread ever softly, my dear.
Down here, naught but me shall come to your aid
Hush... don't be afraid
And stick close on this cobbled path & do please mind the shade

Hm... hurry up now, quicken your step
You've trusted me so far, have you not?
Don't mind the alley desolate, my dear
We're here because of what you so avidly sought
Hm... you've trusted me so far, have you not?
And see! There's the goal! Now off you trot!

Sigh... Why so many questions; why so surprised?
What do you mean why am I still here?
Don't fret now, me sweet
This will be over soon, so there's no need to fear
Sigh... what do you mean what am I still doing here?
I'm only collecting my dues for leading you astray... Hush, hush, hush lets not ruin this with tears...

The End

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