The debate And this really happened :)

Two men vying for her affections
to a debate they got invited
to help the comely lass make a choice
so that a winner might be decided

The two men were equally spirited
Neither party willing to concede
The poor lass was sorely confused
hoping perchance fate might intercede

The debate went on for several hours
but the lass still unable to decide
The men grew increasingly tired
having second thoughts about the bride!

The debate came to an unhappy end
The lass didn't know whom to wed
The men found they had much in common
and quite simply fell in love instead

I knew it!, cried the fair lass
The men weren't thinking straight
They had latent dispositions
with a woman, they couldn't conjugate

The lass ended up quite unhappy
while the men experienced wedded bliss
The lass spent her whole life wondering
what had gone terribly amiss!


The End

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