The Death of Life

A poem about my biggest fear.

We live to die

When we should be dying to live

I’m crippled by the the thought of nothing but ordinary

In terror, running from suburban life


Life is like the ocean, always rising and falling

And I am determined to ride the waves


Life is nothing but a painting we create

I wish to splash a rainbow

There is far too much breathing and not enough living


To live is the rarest thing

Yet many of us treat it like a rock

Tossing it to the side without a second thought

Wasting it like it is something ordinary

When in fact it is something extraordinary


We should be desperate for the pounding of our hearts

begging to be set free of their cages


So here is to dying of laughter

Here is to living without regrets

The adventure called life is one we only live once

I can’t waste it

I don’t want to just exist


These are not just words I utter in hope

But words I will live by…

The End

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