Years passing, age rising
So with it, people's liking

Less was bore, now its bore
Wants and hunger, rising to core

The days when we fought, just for a toy
Gone are those moments, and that immense joy

That kiss from MOM, that hug from DAD
Today we repent, so much time we had

Those days of satisfaction, no demands on the list
The wants which now burst, like a growing beast

The smile, the tears, the anger, the fears, an instant reaction
Now so much is replaced, as per demand of situation

Little things which made us happy and brought smile
Those same things now mean so less and so futile

The times when emotions cropped with just a reason
And now here we stand so much bound in a prison

When words did flow, without a second thought
Unlike today's scenario, fear of getting caught

The days have evolved,so have we, at a rapid rate
But give it a thought, those times we lived now we do regret

Please give me back those childhood days
Those carefree ways, that smiling face......

The End

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