The Day Of Silence.

We will protest in the loudest way we can. Thru silence.

I will keep my silence in a protest.
I know it is wrong to, in my heart.
To judge that which cannot be changed.
We will no longer hide in shame and suffering.
On this day, I.
No WE.
Will protest the loudest way possible.
With our silence.
You can not make me speak.
You cannot make me shout.
I will seal my lips and keep the silence.
I am not alone in this silent protest.
Watch those around you.
Those ones that will not speak.
They know it to.
Today is about a day of rights.
We will all stand together in our silence as if saying.
"We know this is wrong."
"We do not agree."
Maybe then when not a noise is heard.
Will society learn what it means to judge us.
The gays.
The fags.
The homosexuals.
The pansexuals.
The bisexuals.
The Asexual.
The demisexuals.
The transsexuals.
The non-hetero.
We are people to.
You can not bring us down.
You can not break our walls.
This is our battle.
A battle we will make sure to win.
In the only way we can.
With our silence.

The End

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