the day of death

you found me at my weekest

 you treated me like your little lamb

oh you look so good to eat

i will make your life a liveing hell

so after i can fiest

i am torn limb to limb

now your criminal lawyer

is such a big win

so whats next?

more abuse

now that i am so vunerable

you are all protecting yourselfs

here i stand watching your deal

so im the little lamb

what a nice meal

so death is what you want

so you will die one day too

and so will the rest of your

paranoid crew

so whatever happens

alot know the truth

that this was a gang war

an utter disgrace

torn apart bye lies and ignorence

now what?

can someone give me a solution



and italien spegetti

have fun and enjoy

you are so good

bravo to you

and hope you sacrificed the right lamb

now my enegy will heal the first plan

so thank you for the ignorance

thankyou for the trust

i really hope that this will make a difference

and change the world away from ignorance

The End

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