The Day Ignorance Crushed the World.

I went through an experience that changed my life the other day.

Ignorance slithered like a snake to the conversation,

Coiling itself around words and tightening,

Tightening its deathly hold.

It squeezed the life from each ignorant syllable,

Possessing the speaker and hissing,

Words of hate disguised as words of law.

I watched Ignorance as it slipped and slithered,

And I felt Ignorance lash out at my heart,

And rip the world from under my feet.

Ignorance paused and glanced at me with jaded eyes,

Daring me to speak the words it sensed as it goaded me,

But the words had been crushed with my heart.

I fought back the tears that Ignorance had sought,

Which Ignorance steals from those misunderstood,

And turned my head away.

But now I wish I'd found the words,

The things I wanted to say.

Because in silence made by fear,

I let Ignorance have its prey.

To the feast Ignorance brought its friend,

The ever loathed vermin Prejudice,

And they feasted on my downfall,

Till my opinion was deceased.

Only now I find the courage,

To stand and say these words,

Ignorance and Prejudice killed the world,

But they are not to blame.

Our sorry heads and sorry hearts,

Have carried these evil things.

And laid them rest,

Upon the chest,

Of the equal and willing world.

The End

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