The Day I Lived and Died


I fashioned a heart today
I’ve tried to integrate it into my body.
It’s strange, how the heart holds its own memories
Apart from the brain,
How when we travel
The heart remembers our home,
But such particular standards apply.
My heart will never listen to the words of god.
My heart is various odd mechanical parts
From the local wrecking yard,
And one gear I ordered from upstate,
And when I get it wet, it sounds so much
Like the crying of a young child,
I can’t bear to listen to myself think.
Sometimes I wish life was more than what it is,
I’ve always imagined myself as a future archaeologist,
Uncovering my own bones to be displayed in a museum
Down the street from a monument of humans as we were
Before we learned to care less and love no one.
I’ve always dreamed of the particles in space,
How they must hate one another for a lack of choice,
How the neutrons view the universe just as I do,
With no charge and no sense of belonging
No matter how needed we are by one atom or the next.
It will continue until the onset of entropy,
And the single two souls that ever felt truth
And comfort in each other will be frozen forever,
A lone testament to life and death in a universe so large…
The Romans will have their final laugh as we realize their beautiful and
Sad disillusion.

The End

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