A long paragraph about keeping it simple

My relationship with poetry has been luke warm until recently. Now we are inseperable. We are the mushy couple that fights over who hang-ups the phone first...

" You hang up first" She says

" No you hang up first" He says

" No, YOU hang up first" She says

Six hours later....

" No, YOU hang up first..."

I've never got good marks on my writing. But oddly enough I stll knew I could write...My first brush with poetry was Dr Seuss. The image of Dr Seuss weighted on my mind every time I thought about poetry. I can't write poetry...I can't rythme. I was the worse...I stuck to three letter words...ball...wall etc.

Then In school I learned about Hakiu's, Sonnets and rebelled further. No I won't do it!  I want to write anyway I want to write! School killed my joy of writing. I had no freedom and my writing was picked apart. But I still wrote....purely for cathartic bliss. And those poems sucked the big one. I wrote when I was feeling something strong and intense. They ended up a jumble of teenage angst.I somewhat continued that tradition in college except I wrote more about social issues.And those poems sucked...less

It wasn't until two years ago that I looked at what I had written. I quickly realized that perhaps throwing in a bunch of powerful words wasn't poetic. It was more like a diary page than poetry.I actually re-wrote a bunch of poems by taking things out. Since that moment my motto is keep it simple. If it doesn't add to the poem, it subtracts from the poem...logical advice I know, I know. But then again it's the easiest things that are the hardest to get,

The End

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