The Day Before the Apocalypse

Some people thought the world would end on December 21st, but it didn't. Damn....
[This may still need some revision, but I wanted to get it up here before the end of the year. Your comments and critiques are welcome.]

I almost wish the world would end tomorrow

For I can’t bear another day of your silence

My heart sits locked behind glass and bound

A blasphemous crusader

Its moans unheard and unheeded

Its penalty for leaping too far

For demanding to be noticed – you saw it, all right

I know we will not be released by flaming doom

I see the rest of the year waiting

Each number as red as the last sixteen.  Seventeen.

Then hundreds more in columns after we turn to the new year

Which will be the one whose dawn no longer stings my eyes

And blurs my sight with new tears?

Which step across that field will be the last I have to dread?

Where can I lay my marker and watch the distance dwindle?

Can I place my bet today?

Until then, all I can do is watch and listen –

Against the terms of my sentence, but I do, I am –

And count silently.

Are you waiting for me to surrender to your apathy?

For my heart may be imprisoned, but it battles on

Daring God to strike it down

Calling for fire from the skies


The End

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