The Day After

A poem

The Day After

The day after.

Time has passed,
Since the day
I saw you last.
The memories in my head
Still way down my feelings,
Like tons of lead.
But its easier now,
It hurts less,

I don’t fully understand
How I can still dream
Of holding your hand,
Still feel your kiss
And think of things,
That I still miss.
I still crave your touch,
But somehow
It doesn’t hurt as much.

Some say love kills
But I remember,
That time heals
The most shameful,
The worst,
The painful.
I wont suffer forever,
But then again…
Never say never.

The day after.
Full of gritted smiles
And false laughter.
Bitter tears
And lots of:
‘Oh dear’s
But even if its not today
I know that
One day I’ll be okay.
The End

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